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Communication Campaigns

With the aim of promoting the Moroccan origin and highlighting the quality and diversity of Moroccan products internationally.

MOROCCO FOODEX launches specialized communication campaigns to further communicate the quality and reputation of Moroccan agri-food products and highlight their competitive advantages in the targeted markets. This is achieved through the implementation of several adapted communication actions with the objective of reinforcing the positioning of the product of Moroccan origin, promoting its assets and qualitative characteristics and developing its notoriety as a premium quality product among the targeted population.

These campaigns, are also opportunities for communication around the professionalism of the value chain, upstream and downstream, through which the Moroccan product passes before landing on export markets and a real opportunity to present the efforts and role of public and private actors in the sector of agri-food products in maintaining and strengthening the image of the quality of Moroccan product internationally.


What we do

MOROCCO FOODEX has about twenty regional representations and five international representations spread over the different production and export zones, in order to guarantee a local service to professionals in the Agri-food and maritime products sector.