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Strategic Business Intelligence


As a player in the agri-food export sector, MOROCCO FOODEX is constantly called upon to bring its know-how and experience to operators in the sector.

As a tool of the Green Morocco Plan and the Halieutis Plan, which aim in particular at enhancing the value of export products and diversifying markets, MOROCCO FOODEX must acquire knowledge of the external environment in order to identify opportunities and threats and anticipate risks, in the sense of supporting partners with a view to international competitiveness.

It is in this context that MOROCCO FOODEX had to position itself as a reference organization in terms of operational monitoring for the benefit of public and private decision-makers in the agri-food export sector, and consequently the latter has embarked on a project to set up a strategic monitoring system. The main objectives expected through this mechanism are:

  • To remain up to date in terms of technical, analytical and operational international regulations.
  • Optimize information management (research, archiving, sharing).
  • To provide users with a database with an adapted access system.

The main types of monitoring :

Strategic Business Intelligence

Competitive/commercial monitoring

It is designed to monitor the competitive environment of the agro-food sector: exports, production, marketing, prices, promotion, logistics, information on market opportunities; promotional activities of competitors; organization of distribution and mode of transport; export support measures; information on the supply of agri-food products; price situation… etc.

Strategic Business Intelligence

Technological monitoring

It concerns the study, monitoring, trends and developments of technical and technological aspects on the agri-food sector in order to accompany the Moroccan operator in terms of technological information (new production and packaging processes; new packaging, etc.).

Strategic Business Intelligence

Commercial regulatory monitoring

It makes it possible to ensure systematic monitoring of the implementation of the commitments agreed under the trade agreements concluded between Morocco and its main partners on exports of Moroccan agricultural and maritime food products. This includes in particular: The institutional aspects provided for by the Agreements; The practical aspects of implementation of the Agreements; The possible adaptations of the Agreements in relation to a new context. The commercial regulatory monitoring also contributes to obtaining better trade rules of access to Moroccan exports by popularizing the tariff mechanisms of access to markets, mainly in the European Union, which constitutes the main destination for Moroccan exports and whose regulatory artifices are multiple and quite complex.

Strategic Business Intelligence

Technical regulatory monitoring

Focuses on monitoring the evolution and increasingly frequent changes in the regulatory and normative requirements of the main markets targeted by Moroccan exporters (Directives, EU regulations and standards, Codex Alimentarius standards, UN-EC standard, Russian laws, Canadian phytosanitary laws, International Codes and Standards, AMS of USDA and California Olive Oil standards, Standards of the International Olive Oil Council …etc.).

MOROCCO FOODEX's human capital and ethical charter


What we do

MOROCCO FOODEX has about twenty regional representations and five international representations spread over the different production and export zones, in order to guarantee a local service to professionals in the Agri-food and maritime products sector.