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MOROCCO FOODEX has a central role in the development of national exports.
Morocco’s agricultural and agri-food products have a strong potential on the international market.

  • Quality controle
  • Export coordination
  • Strategic and operational watch
  • Export promotions

Quality controle

MOROCCO FOODEX has a central role in the development of national exports. Moroccan agricultural and agri-food products have a strong potential on the international market. Quality control Exercising the technical control of Moroccan agricultural and maritime food products intended for export in accordance with the legislation in force in order to ensure the requirements of the destination markets. This technical control is composed of two major activities:

  • Technical approval of exporters. This activity is carried out in accordance with the international standards in force to guarantee the conformity of the infrastructures and their operators with the applicable international standards and good practices.
  • Technical inspection of products to ensure that they comply with the technical standards in force in the countries of destination. This inspection is carried out by means of two activities:
  • a physical and organoleptic inspection of the products to check their conformity with the commercial standards and other applicable technical requirements in terms of minimum product quality, classification quality, presentation, packaging, marking and labeling, sizing, etc.
  • an analytical control in addition to the physical control of the products.

The analytical check carried out on food products shall include in particular:

  • Physico-chemical analyses: pesticide residues, chemical contaminants, fats, nutritional values,…
  • Microbiological analyses: microbiological research, hygiene of plants and processing units, water analyses, mycotoxin analysis, biological stability test
  • Packaging control analyses: Physical tests (compression, traction, crimping…), Food contact tests (Bisphenol A…)
  • Sensory analysis: olive oils, table olives

International recognition of MOROCCO FOODEX : Accreditation by the EU of the control of conformity to commercial standards of fresh fruit and vegetables carried out by the EACCE – Regulation 1791/2002 Approval of operations to check conformity with the marketing standards carried out by the EACCE on fresh fruit and vegetables originating in Morocco in accordance with the conditions laid down in Article 15 of Regulation (EC) No 543/2011. Characterization of Moroccan olive oils MOROCCO FOODEX provides to all the actors of the olive sector specialized services to determine the characteristics of Moroccan olive oil through:

  • Sensory analysis:
  • Sensory quality
  • Aromatic profile

Physico-chemical analysis

  • Purity Criteria
  • Quality criteria

By having a:

  • High-performance and adapted scientific equipment
  • Laboratories accredited by COFRAC
  • Qualified and experienced human capital
  • Laboratories and tasting panel recognized by the IOOC (the International Olive Oil Council)

In compliance with the two international standards The trade standard of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC/T15/NC N°3) The Codex Alimentarius Standard (Codex Stan 33-1981)

Export coordination

  • To lead the specialized sectoral committees for the coordination of exports of Moroccan agricultural and fishery food products.
  • To scrupulously ensure the implementation of the decisions of the various committees on all aspects, in particular the respect of the technical conditions provided for by the various agreements related to the exports of Morocco agricultural and fishery food products.

Strategic and operational watch

  • Ensure a strategic operational watch on the export markets of Moroccan agricultural and fisheries food products.
  • To ensure the follow-up of information and statistical data on exports and the execution control of the commitments agreed upon in the framework of the trade agreements concluded.
  • To ensure the production of economic notes for a product and/or a sector in relation to a given market. – Ensure the production of product and market data sheets.

Export promotions

  • Promote the image and quality of Moroccan agricultural and fishery food products on foreign destination markets.
  • To pilot the organization of participation in promotional events, in Morocco and abroad, through actions aimed at enhancing the value of the Moroccan origin and the development of exports of Moroccan agricultural and fisheries food products.
  • The participation in specialized international fairs and events;
  • The organization of B2B business missions with international contractors;
  • The supervision of the reception of incoming missions from international importers;
  • The organization of specialized communication campaigns on targeted international markets.
  • Accompanying and guiding small and medium-sized exporters of products

MOROCCO FOODEX's human capital and ethical charter


What we do

MOROCCO FOODEX has about twenty regional representations and five international representations spread over the different production and export zones, in order to guarantee a local service to professionals in the Agri-food and maritime products sector.