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Who are we ?


MOROCCO FOODEX, Food  Export Control and Coordination organization is a public structure under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests. Created in 1986 and has been since then dedicated to the service of the Agri-food and maritime products sector, one of the levers of the country’s economic growth.

The food export sector is evolving in an international environment marked by increased competition and ever higher technical and commercial requirements.

With the vision and goal of meeting the regulatory requirements dictated by the globalization of markets, the establishment continuously ensures a quality service combining: impartiality, rigor, reliability, facilitation, anticipation and high professionalism.

As a public body at the service of the private sector, its intervention covers:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables (citrus fruits, tomatoes, red fruits, avocados and other market garden products).
  • Processed vegetable products (canned, dried or frozen fruit and vegetables, olive oil, argan oil, cereals, pulses, spices, herbs, etc.).
  • Fishery products (fresh fish, canned fish, etc.).

Our missions

Who are we ?

Quality control

Performed at the processing, packaging and export stages, this intervention is carried out through technical and analytical controls relating to the product standards required by the recipient countries.

Who are we ?

Business Strategic Watch

MOROCCO FOODEX has set up an operational monitoring system capable of collecting, filtering, processing and disseminating useful and relevant information to decision-makers in the public and private sectors, giving them better visibility in the decision-making process.

Who are we ?

Export Coordination

This mission has become even more important following the development of technical and commercial legislation in importing countries. It consists mainly in leading specialized sectoral coordination committees that bring together producers-exporters and institutions in the sector.

Who are we ?

Export Promotion

MOROCCO FOODEX carries out targeted promotion and development actions in response to the expectations and ambitions of public and private actors in the agricultural and maritime products export sector, in this case, through the participation in international trade fairs, the organization of business missions (B to B, incoming missions) and road shows.

MOROCCOFOODEX organization chart

MOROCCOFOODEX organization chart

MOROCCO FOODEX's human capital and ethical charter


What we do

MOROCCO FOODEX has about twenty regional representations and five international representations spread over the different production and export zones, in order to guarantee a local service to professionals in the Agri-food and maritime products sector.