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Analytical Control


Official Analytical Control

To ensure the scientific support and reliability required for the technical control of agricultural and maritime products intended for export, MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) has a network of 6 regional laboratories for physico-chemical, microbiological, sensory analysis and packaging control activities, spread over the main production and export regions of the Kingdom. With competent human resources and state-of-the-art equipment, the MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) laboratories carry out several types of conformity analyses covering the range of agri-food products intended for export. These analyses are carried out on samples taken by MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) inspectors from batches of agri-food products undergoing processing, manufacturing and packaging or finished agri-food products ready for export.

Analyses on request

The Board of Directors of the Autonomous Establishment for the Control and Coordination of Exports held in September 2015, decided that the Laboratories of MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE), in addition to the analyses carried out within the framework of the official control on the batches of agri-food products intended for export, will put its expertise to the benefit of private operators for their self-control and quality control by opening a paying service of its analytical activities.


  • Laboratory
  • Human means
  • Material means and equipment
  • Analytical services
  • Accreditations and approvals

MOROCCO FOODEXLaboratory Network

In order to ensure a local service to its customers, MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) has a network of 6 regional laboratories spread over the main production and export regions of the kingdom:

  •  The CASABLANCA laboratory
  • The AGADIR laboratory
  • The BERKANE laboratory.
  • The MARRAKECH laboratory
  • The MEKNES laboratory
  • The LARACHE laboratory

Human means

The laboratories of the Autonomous Establishment for Export Control and Coordination have a human capital composed mainly of doctors, engineers and senior executives of different specialties in the field of chemistry, microbiology and the food industry. MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) attaches great importance to maintaining and developing the technical skills of its human resources. Indeed, they regularly benefit from specific and specialized training courses supervised by internationally renowned experts. The staff of MOROCCO FOODEX Laboratories (EACCE) demonstrates its mastery and ability to perform the analyses entrusted to it by carrying out analyses of reference materials and by participating in international intercomparison chains.

Material means and equipment

MOROCCO FOODEX Laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipment adapted to each type of analysis:

  • Chromatographic equipment: liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and liquid or gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC/MSMS and LC/MSMS).
  • Spectrophotometric equipment: UV-Visible, Infrared, Atomic Absorption.
  • Electrochemical equipment: Potentiometers, conductivity meters.
  • Optical equipment: Refractometers, microscopes, magnifying glasses.
  • Equipment for microbiological analyses.
  • Packaging control equipment.

Analytical services

MOROCCO FOODEX‘s network of laboratories carries out analytical compliance checks on exported products:

  • 1- Physico-chemical analyses
    • a. Pesticide Residue Analysis;
    • b. Beverage Analysis ;
    • c. Fat Analysis;
    • d. Dehydrated Products Analysis;
    • e. Analysis of Vegetable Preserves;
    • f. Analysis of Miscellaneous;
    • g. Determination of the internal maturity of the fruit.
  • 2- Microbiological analyses
    • a. Biological stability test;
    • b. Microbiological research;
    • c. Hygiene of stations and processing units;
    • d. Water analysis ;
    • e. Mycotoxin analysis.
  • 3- Packaging control analyses
    • a. Physical tests.
    • b. Aptitude for food contact.
  • 4- Sensory analyses on Virgin Olive Oils.

International accreditations and approvals

With a view to the recognition of the technical competence of its laboratories, MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) has set up the accreditation process for its laboratories between 2006 and 2015. Currently, MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) laboratories in Casablanca, Agadir, Berkane, Meknes and Larache are accredited by COFRAC according to the ISO 17025 standard. The scope of its accreditation covers the most relevant activities in analytical control by site:

Site Accredditation No Scope
Casablanca Physical Chemistry Laboratory 1-1747 Scope of accreditation available at: Pesticide Residues Fatty Bodies Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Agadir Regional Laboratory 1-1746 Scope of accreditation available at: Pesticide Residues Fatty Bodies
Berkane Regional Laboratory 1-2310 Scope of accreditation available at: Pesticide Residues
Larache Regional Laboratory 1-5845 Scope of accreditation available at: Pesticide Residues
Meknes Regional Laboratory 1-5846 Scope of accreditation available at: Fatty Bodies Non-Alcoholic Beverages

In 2011, the MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) sensory analysis panel for extra virgin olive oils has officially received the approval of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). This is the first international recognition of a tasting panel in Morocco.
In 2014, the MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) laboratory in Casablanca officially obtained the approval of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) for the physico-chemical analysis of olive oils.

MOROCCO FOODEX's human capital and ethical charter