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Proximity based organization

MOROCCO FOODEX has about twenty regional representations spread over the different production and export zones, in order to guarantee a local service to professionals in the agricultural and fisheries products sector.

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FOODEX has also five international delegations, three based in Europe and two others in Saint Petersburg in Russia and Montreal in Canada. Their role is to contribute to the smooth running of technical control, coordination and monitoring missions by providing indications on the state of arrival of exported products in terms of quality and conformity and by ensuring a commercial watch with the feedback of useful information for the export agri-food sector.



To ensure the scientific support and reliability required for the intervention of technical and analytical control of products for export, MOROCCO FOODEX has a network of laboratories at the cutting edge of technology and human know-how, covering the Central, Southern and Eastern parts of the country.

These laboratories are equipped to guarantee compliance with the sanitary and phytosanitary regulations required for export. The analyses carried out include in particular the maximum limits of pesticide residues, heavy metals, global and specific migration, and the biological stability of canned food.

In the field of packaging, the analyses include the resistance to vertical compression, the mechanical characteristics of the corrugated cardboard, the migration of varnish, the tightness,… etc. In addition to its own resources, MOROCCO FOODEX (EACCE) has recourse to the national scientific fabric by concluding technical cooperation agreements with recognized laboratories. In the same way, MOROCCO FOODEX laboratories participate in international inter-comparison circuits on the quality of analyses, more particularly with American, French and German laboratories.

In order to provide the scientific support and international recognition necessary for its technical intervention, the assessment for renewal and extension of the scope of accreditation of the laboratories in Casablanca, Agadir, Berkane, Marrakech, Meknes and Larache was successfully extended in 2018 by COFRAC according to the ISO 17025 standard.

The establishment of a quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 standard has allowed the contribution of an added value in terms of organization and technical competence of MOROCCO FOODEX laboratories (EACCE) which is materialized by the quality of services and the credibility of the results of analyses carried out.


What we do

MOROCCO FOODEX has about twenty regional representations and five international representations spread over the different production and export zones, in order to guarantee a local service to professionals in the Agri-food and maritime products sector.